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Our Augmented And Virtual Reality (AR VR) Services 

AR imageAugmented reality AR & Virtual Reality VR are the blocks of the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0 which can make our present computer-aided manufacturing systems, the cyber-physical systems of the digital manufacturing age. AR blends the digitally created 3-dimensional objects with objects & places of the real world to enhance the user’s perception & their interaction with the real world. Virtual Reality can transports you & the object concerned into the virtual artificially created space to offer you a new dimension of reality. We can communicate with our machines, our material & other humans as well. It has opened new interactive spaces in education, manufacturing, product testing, marketing & many more.

Tetrahedron’s AR & VR Development Services

We at Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd have been offering AR & VR development services to manufacturing industries in Defence, Consumer durables, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals along with education & training in schools, colleges & universities. We have helped manufacturing organizations to present their products to their customers & suppliers in a much more holistic way. Our AR apps have been able to serve the country as well by helping our clients in the defense sector to provide the on-job training OJTs to their employees & reduce the training time & cost drastically. Till date, we have been able to train more than 500 employees in an interactive & informative manner like never before. 

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Advantages of Augmented Reality

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The biggest advantage of Augmented Reality is that it is easily accessible & very easy to use. It’s like using your smartphone & clicking pictures with it. App developers are working on making AR app more interactive to the real-world which has opened new possible areas of application for AR which were never thought of before.



Take a look at the types of Augmented Reality Mobile applications that we can develop for you.

1. Image recognition-based AR
2. Location-based AR
3. Projection Augmented reality
4. Superimposition based AR

Image Recognition Based AR

image recognition Ar


It is one of the earliest types of AR developed & is still in use because of the low resources required for using it. In this type of AR app development, the user needs to scan a piece of paper with some pre-selected image on it (like the image of a person, an object, or your company logo) & the things will come to life on your mobile screen in all the possible way you wish to make the things move.

It is widely used in education where students can see the functioning of the human heart (compression & expansion) by just scanning the image with their smartphones.


Location-Based AR

location-based AR


If you are a maintenance guy working on big complex machines with their uncountable joints & connections spread across many kilometers, then this AR is for you. Have you ever wished that there can be someone who could help you out to repair a particular joint & guide you through the process without entering the details of that particular joint? Then you can get an AR app developed working on location.

This AR app will scan the particular joint you wish to know more about & based on the GPS signals from your mobile & smart Artificial intelligence would be able to identify the joint & recommend the repair procedure on your smartphone.

Projection-Based AR

Projection Based AR


This is the most advance & newest form of AR technology. This technology has the potential to change the way we are interacting with our machines by pressing some buttons or sliding our fingers on some touchscreens.

Imagine a future where you can interact & command a machine by just moving your hands in the air or making some gestures as you interact with your friends or kids. Machines with projection-based AR would be able to decode our hand gesture signals & process them accordingly.


Superimposition-Based AR

Superimposition based AR


This type of AR is also similar to image recognition-based AR the only difference would be in place of a piece of paper with an image on it, you can directly point your smartphone camera on a real object & the object would be superimposed with enhanced AR content to provide you all the necessary information you would like to know.

This has immense potential in the new product development stage where designers & Engineers can interact with real object prototypes & test their feasibility & aesthetics in a way never thought of. We can display videos, text, supporting images, or even add sound to enhance the user experience.


Where you can use the Augmented reality app developed by us

  • If you are from marketing & sales, AR can help you to present your products to your customers in a way you have never thought of. In past, we have helped companies to use AR for showcasing their products to their customers & beat their competitors to get sales.
  • AR has immense potential in NPD to study the part in a much more interactive way & not just by viewing it on your computer screens in virtual modeling software.
  • We have helped our customers to shorten their on-job training time for their lower-level operators which has one of the highest iteration rates because of irregular practices & be ready for production as per requirement.
  • AR has transformed the way knowledge is transferred from an experienced guy who has used a particular machine for his life & is now retiring, We can store all that knowledge gained through years of experience into AR app which can be used by young dynamic people who are going to use that machine now in a much efficient way than writing all that down into piles of notebooks & then scratching through it when the information is required.

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