Industry 4.0 Consulting ServicesReinvent your business with Industry 4.0 Compliances

Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing both are topics of high international relevance.

They are currently the topic of intense debate both in the academic literature and in the practical context of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

From Industry 1.0 to 4.0: Evolution of industry 4.0 as the next-generation digital transformation for the organization.

Things one should know about Factories 4.0 (Innovation 4.0 + Industry 4.0+ Economy 4.0). The digitization of value chain, product and service offerings, digital business model, and customer access.

Industry 4.0 consulting dervices

As per a recent survey of top CEOs of manufacturing companies, suppliers who are prepared for this 4th revolution will be able to attract more business and customers. Hence Indian Manufacturing companies must get prepared for Industry 4.0 to reap the benefit of “connected  Business”

We provide Industry 4.0 Consulting Services to manufacturing industries which is very essential in today’s era. Most of the companies taking consulting services for Industry 4.0 to increase their profitability and avoid expected losses. For this purpose our services are introduced to improve efficiency in work and betterment of performance.


Industry 4.0 Implementation Approach

Smart Blue Print Development

 Smart Factory needs Smart Planning  and Tetrahedron, as  stage     1, hand-hold companies to understand which of the  elements are     relevant , rather than investing trivial systems.

Business Requirement & Impact Study

  Post Blue Development TMS exhorts the client on the   shortlisted/apparatuses and the objective business influence e.g   Decision-Making Productivity, Quality Cost Reduction.

System Implementation & Customization

TMS identifies the best hardware & software, coordinate with CFT (Cross-Functional Team), managing the project timeline & develops interactive & customized MIS / Dashboard

Organization & Skill Development

 An all-new system needs a skilled and educated workforce.   Tetrahedron develops the relevant QPS, Map Competency, and   Train for successfully using the New I 4.0 Systems.

Challenges before Industry 4.0 transition

Understand various challenges for the transition to Industry 4.0 and how they can be overcome:

  • Policy Framework-Standards,Regulations, Certifications
  • High Investment-ROI and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Employee Qualification and Skill-Bridging the Gap
  • Data Security-Use of sharing of Data
  • Network Stability
  • Support from Top Management-TOP driven model

Our Offerings

Industrial Internet of Things

Robotic Process Automation 

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


Horizontal & Vertical System

Simulation & Analysis

Our MES Functionalities

Digital Work Instructions

Error-proof tasks with a single, intuitive workflow with dynamic work instructions, connections to external systems, edge connectivity, and cameras.


Order & Material Tracking

Track information for jobs, work orders, BOMs. Scheduling orders and optimizing flow. Manage goods receipt, warehousing, and final dispatch.



Record information at steps throughout the process. Create your electronic history records for products and batches.


Operator Training

Whether you’re training a new employee or introducing a process, product, or tool, build a firm foundation for your team with intuitive and effective training apps.

Production Visibility & Alerts

Visualize everything going in your operations, in your facility, and across your operations. Trigger and manage alerts and Andon lights.


Machine Monitoring and Management

Connect to networked and stranded machines to monitor statuses and track KPIs. Assign and track regular and unplanned maintenance.



Quality & Security Systems

Execute against the quality management systems. Track and mitigate deviations and exceptions.



Compliance Audits

improve your factory’s safety, organization, and lean compliance with apps that standardize audit procedures, track progress, and promote accountability.


What is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing is about using a network of digital technologies, sensors, controllers and MES systems to generate a real time database and then control processes and machines on a real time basis even from a remote location to optimize the outputs.

Why should you implement industry 4.0 solutions?

Industry 4.0 technology helps you manage and optimize all aspects of your production processes and supply chain. It gives you access to the real-time data and insights you need to make smarter, faster business decisions.

How much does it cost to implement an industry 4.0 solution?

The cost of implementing industry 4.0 in an organization is not predetermined because it depends on several variables such as the size of the organization, strategic objectives, segment of business, and so on.

How Industry 4.0 Can Enhance Lean Practices?

Industry 4.0 tools empower you with the real time data at different machines, processes and people involved in the production as they all become Cyber Physical System(CPS). By having the real time data access and by using a smart analysis platform for big data you identify the all lean waste on the real time basis and with the help of MES, controller, clusters and sensors you can reduce those waste as soon as you identify them.

Industry 4.0 challenges can be solved by?

Many challenges came across while implementing Industry 4.0 adoption but we can solve them through your efforts like skill development programs and knowledge transfer partnerships. Tetrahedron helps you to overcome all these challenges with appropriate solutions.