Economic Automated Mobile Robots is the need of the Hour!

In this era of technology and continuous innovations and development in it, the engineers and scientist are innovating the new machines and means for reducing the human efforts in every field. The automated guided vehicle manufacturers are one such device that encompasses all of the transport systems which are capable of operation without any human efforts.

Stating in simple words “A driverless vehicle used for the efficient movement of the materials’’

Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services (TMS): is a well-knowing industry for the manufacturing of automated mobile robots. One of the latest innovations in the firm is Hercules 1000. This is the lowest cost automated mobile robots which are exclusively designed for industrial purposes.

This is a wonder product that is exclusively designed for enthusiasts who love playing with their work. By using the Hercules 1000, one can easily manage the operations effortlessly. This collaborative robot has been designed with an initiative of better performance and reduced emissions while working.

The first vehicle designed by TMS is 1000 Hercules. This Vehicle can uplift the load up to 1000 kg. It also has features for towing & tunneling operations.

With the Hercules 1000, one can move to any place without any kind of restrictions


  • Hercules 1000 is a mini mobile robot that makes your work easier and is embedded with the advanced technology of artificial vision-based guidance. The striking features of this automated mobile robot that makes it stand out from the other ones bundled in this industry are:

  • The incredible power of 1000HP: There is a presence of 2 powerful motors torque vectoring that applies the 1000HP to the road and wheels for the ultimate handling experience independently.

  • Excellent safety feature that includes the three directions infrared sensor-based obstacle detection system. It comes along with the front and rear emergency stop buttons and the additional Bi-directional bumpers that add additional security to it.

  • Wireless or Wi-Fi mode of communication.

  • This can work backward, forward, and can turn on its own axis.

  • Long-range battery

  • The speed of this vehicle is Walking Speed at 1.5 meters/sec.

  • Accessing control digitally: The presence of the latest technologies enables a user to digitally control these automated mobile robots using a smart gadget.

  • There is a high torque electric motor present in this vehicle

  • There is DC fast charge standard is present

  • Presence of advanced ADAS system: A highly efficient camera system that surrounds the 3D view and comes along with the display of a digital rearview.

  • Incredible new accuracy modes of control are present in the Hercules 1000 automated guided vehicle. The handling of the vehicle is superior.

  • This mini and wonder mobile robot is designed by the leading consulting and automation services provider, tetrahedron manufacturing services. The firm is known for the best solution at the leading prices in the market. Feel free to contact TMS and their experts will provide you the proper guidance.

  • They deliver our clients and customers with the best in class solution and develop the capabilities of problem-solving to help the client experience the change.

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