Safety Dojo | How Safety Dojo will help in workers’ safety?

“Full Form of Dojo is, the character “DO” refers to the way” & the character “JO” refers to the place.

Generally the phrase Safety dojo meant to be a combination of safety and dojo where safety refers to the practice of ensuring well being and preventing harm. And Dojo is an old Japanese word which refers to a martial arts training hall or a place of learning and sharing. But if we combine both words and make a sensible term “Safety Dojo” in automation industry then it is related to a training hall or education hall where we educate industrial workers for safety skills with the help of simulation of accidents.

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Purpose of Safety Dojo

Purpose of Safety Dojo is to “take initiatives to prevent industrial accidents for workers“. Tetrahedron has provided lots of safety education at the Safety Dojo Training Center. The concept of safety dojo comes from Japan and the first Safety Dojo Center was developed with Eleven workplaces in Japan and five overseas.

How Safety Dojo Works

Safety Dojo serves as a platform or environment where workers and company employees can discuss things like how to prevent risk and give innovative ideas to make their jobs safe and less risky. In order to give industry workers real-world experiences that enhance their safety awareness and abilities, the Dojo may incorporate instructional tools like accident simulations. Preventing risks and guaranteeing a safer work environment is the aim of developing a proactive and knowledgeable approach.

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Types of Safety Dojo or Safety Dojo Room

There are different types of Safety Dojo and some of the major dojo simulations are Hand Safety, Emergency siren Pattern, Shoes Safety, Helmet for Head safety, Z Fire Para Aramid (Kevlar) Safety Suit, Fire Extinguisher for putting out the fire, CPR and first aid, etc.

Hand safety

Hand Safety Dojo Center

Workers and employees are educated about the possible risks associated with hand-related accidents and injuries in a variety of industries by means of a Safety Dojo’s emphasis on hand safety. Using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), implementing safe work practices, and being aware of potential hazards that could result in hand injuries are all important aspects of this.

Industries that adopt this Safety Dojo Training Center approach can learn the best ways to protect their workers’ hands and they become more aware of the hazards, and help achieve the overall objective of making the workplace safer.

Shoes safety

Shoes Safety Dojo centerTo prevent safety in workplaces it is important to wear safety shoes or footwear to protect your feet. Safety shoes are made to shield the feet from various risks that may arise in a construction or industrial environment. Usually, they feature strong soles that guard against scratches and slips, as well as strengthened toes that shield against impact and compression. Wearing safety shoes is a standard safety procedure to guard from accidents and guarantee workers’ well being.

Emergency Siren Pattern:

Siren Safety Dojo CenterFor alert workers if there is fire or any kind of emergency situation“. Emergency siren patterns are used in the context to warn people for danger or emergencies. The meanings of these can change based on the situation and place, as well as how they sound and perform.


What is the meaning of dojo Training Center?

Before team members, especially the new ones, take on their responsibilities on the manufacturing shop floors, the DOJO Training Center serves as a place for skill-building, acclimatization, and thorough preparation.

What is DOJO Lean Manufacturing?

The Dojo Lean Manufacturing concept refers to a specific area or technique where teams convene to apply Lean principles, execute enhancements, and cultivate an environment of ongoing education and improvement.

What is safety loto in the Dojo room?

Log Out Tag Out System or Dojo Board refers to a safety protocol that ensures all the harmful machines or equipment are turned off. The machine won’t start again until its maintenance is complete.

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What are the types of Loto Application?

  1. Electrical
  2. Mechanical
  3. Chemical
  4. Hydraulic
  5. Pneumatic
  6. Thermal
  7. Other source of energy

What is 5 Senses Dojo?

5 Sense DojoThe “Five Sense Dojo” is a training facility/program which focuses on engaging all our five senses (i.e. sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) which results in escalating our learning, perception and skill development in various disciplines such as martial arts, mindfulness practices or sensory training etc.