Value Stream Mapping

Cost Optimization

Efficient Information Flow

Supply Chain Management Detailed Approach


Stage Deliverable
Step 1
-Operation Management (MIS)Tracker Development (From RM to FG)
-Data Feeding Mechanism Development
-Daily MIS Report Sharing
-MIS Review with Management
-Operation MIS Excel Tracker
-MIS Report
Step 2
-Product Cost Optimization
-Raw Material Cost
-Consumable Material Cost
-Packaging material Cost
-Supplier Cost
-Overhead Cost
-Optimized Production Planning & Machine utilization improvement
-Product Cost Reduction scope sharing
-Optimized Production Planning
Step 3
-Packaging Cost Optimization
-Volumetric Efficiency Improvement
-Best Packing Material Suggestion
-New Packaging Standard Designing & Implementation
-Volumetric Efficiency Improvement
-Transportation Cost Reduction
Step 4
-Inventory Cost  Optimization
-Inventory Analysis
-Dead Stock Findings
-Storage Space Optimization
-Inventory Carrying Cost Reduction
-New Storage Space Creation
-Optimum Inventory Stock finalization
Step 5
-Logistic Cost Optimization
-Multi-model transport design
-Logistic partner contract improvement
-Optimum mode of transportation
-Transportation Route Plan


Case Studies

                   Logistic Cost Optimization & New Mode of Transportation Implementation

                    (Leading Carbon Black Manufacturer)



Challenges :

(Before TMS –Management was highly concerned for high logistic expenses.)

Approaches :

Tetrahedron’s SCM experts visited the plant ,collected the initial logistic quantity, rate and route to destination map. Then analyzed the data and optimize the logistic expenses with multiple logistic partners also suggested client to cost friendly mode of transportation. TMS Team validated the quote both techno-commercially and supported the client for on-ground execution.

Results :

  • Logistic expenses reduced by 30%.
  • New Mode of transportation was selected and testing results of the implementation was highly successful.



SCM & Logistic Expenses Optimization through Heijunka Implementation

                (Leading Surgical Equipment  Manufacturer)



Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron:

  • No fixed mode of goods transportation
  • Low Volumetric Efficiency

Approaches :

Tetrahedron team worked on this project with a dedicated on-site resources. Captured the client’s pain area and logical reasons behinds the non-standardized practices. TMS team did thorough analysis of the end-to end process and optimized the SCM. Product planning part was the major concern observed during the analysis. TMS team helped the client to Implement Heijunka practices for smooth production planning

Following results were achieved:-

Results :

  • Logistic process standardized
  • Volumetric efficiency achieved 96%
  • SCM of the company highly optimized


Benefits Of Supply Chain and Logistics Cost Optimization

  •  Zero delivery failure
  • Low cost approach
  • Ease tool implementation
  • Improve Profitability
  • Inventory Cost reduction
  • Improve Supplier Performance
  • Better Planning System
  • Improve cash Flow
  • Improve Risk Mitigation
  • Higher Efficiency Rate

To get a consistent approach of reducing and optimizing costs without increasing logistics risk for your organization



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