Low cost automation

It is a technology that creates some degree of low cost automation around the existing equipment, tool, methods, and people, using mostly standard components available in the market.

The history of industrial automation started in the mid 20th century with the vision to have fully automated factories. The current industry without automation can be very hard to survive in the industry.

Industry 4.0

Our Services in Automation

  • Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV): We have developed the AGV which can be used as last mile connectivity to deliver products to the customer and as logistic optimization for freight movement at public transport locations.
  • E-Cart: It is our solution to help manage the movement of raw material within the premises of the manufacturing companies. It also helps clients to optimize their manpower and inventory movement.
  • OEE: We improve the overall equipment efficiency by suggesting automation solution.
  • Smart Metering: We are in designing equipment and finalizing required parameters for the analysis of things such as effluent discharge quality, composition analysis of any solution, etc.
  • Safety: We map the safety requirement for the process and develop the product so that the company can increase its safety standards inside the company premises.

Low cost Automation


Tetrahedron helps you to identify and map

the existing system and design

the solution that  will elevate your

manufacturing to the next level

with clear projections of

Manpower cost saving,

Productivity  & Quality


Low cost automation

What is the current phase of industry without automation?

Just think it that way if an employee/ worker are manually doing all the automation related work, it will cost the company a high expanse in terms of labor wages. So, what company does is nowadays they work in a highly automated environment. In the past, there were lots of issues like the company has to give fixed wages to the labor and also production targets could not the requirements.  

There is company Tetrahedron has worked in the past, the company was door lock manufacturing there the labor has checked the lock 25000 times to check if the locks produced are of good quality and had run through the checks. So, the company has to pay a fixed amount of salary to the worker. So, here what team Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services has done, we have made an automated machine that is capable of testing the product an utmost number of times.

Case study

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